News & Events

  • AGM Minutes

    The following link will open the updated AGM minutes. MWG AGM Minutes 2017.

  • Manitoba Writer’s Guild Governance Manual

    For all members: This link will open a copy of the 2017 Governance Manual. You will be able to print or save when it opens in your browser.

    MWG Governance2017

  • Upcoming Workshops

    The Art and Craft of Writing Family Stories with Lorri Neilsen Glenn. Family stories appear in a wealth of forms – as poems, essays, memoir, postcard stories, plays and more. (And we know short stories and novels often include family stories re-imagined). This workshop will explore the many ways we can craft our family and ancestral stories into compelling poetry and prose.  Wed, 15 November 2017, 6PM – 8 PM  Get tickets.


    The Story Tellers Almanac, Fiction Writing Basics with Rick Donovan, Saturday November 25 from 10-4.


    More on the horizon. Keep checking.

  • Upcoming Events

    A Blue Pencil Session with Gretchen Derige has been arranged for Sunday, November 26 from 2-4 pm. We can take 6 participants so please contact the Guild office to reserve your spot (204-944-8013). Participants should email ( up to 10 pages of fiction you would like critiqued at least a week before the session, so Gretchen can review your work and give advice on Nov. 26th. No poetry for this session, please. We will have a facilitator for a Poetry Blue Pencil Session in the new year.


    Pajama Party! We’ve been throwing around the idea of a 24 hour writing marathon during NaNoWriMo. We’ve booked the classroom for November 18/19 from noon on Saturday until noon on Sunday. For a $5-$10 fee, we will provide beverages (non-alcoholic), chili (a pot with meat and one without) and buns, baking and munchies, as well as toast and muffins for breakfast. Please let the Guild office know if you are interested in participating in this fun writing event. We can probably accommodate 10 participants.


    Holiday Get Together. We’re planning a seasonal get-together in early December where members can mingle with people from some of the other arts organizations in the building as well as members from the national organization, The Writers Union of Canada (TWUC). It will be a free event, but we are not adverse to party-goers bringing a plate of dainties or other snack-type donation! Beverages, hot and cold, will be provided. Look to our Facebook page for details a bit later in the months.


    Public Reading Grants: The Manitoba Arts Council will be taking over the administration of the program. A link will be provided soon, or you can contact Martine Friesen ( ) or the MAC office at 204-945-8630)

  • Current Board Members

    We have a list of the current board members here.

    The MWG is seeking a volunteer to take over the Financial Chair’s position. This person does not necessarily need to be a member, but they must have the skills this positions requires. Please contact any board member, call or email the office if you are interested in this position.

  • Public Reading Grant Program

    The Manitoba Arts Council will be taking over the Public Reading Grant Program. See details here.

  • New Office Hours

    Please note: we do not currently have any staff members, and the office is open thanks to our volunteers. If you would like to help keep the office available to members, please call or drop an email.

    Tuesday: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
    Wednesday: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
    Friday 10:00 am: – 2:00 pm
    *If you are planning to come by the Guild offices, please call first to make sure volunteers haven’t stepped out of the office.

    The offices of the Manitoba Writers’ Guild are located on the second floor of Artspace (The Gault Building), right across the street from Old Market Square park. SEE MAP