Hedy Leonora Martens 

Every week or so, someone asks me, “When is your next book coming out?” By this they mean, “We’re still waiting for the sequel to Favoured among Women. When are you going to get busy and finish it? Until recently, I was puzzled each time, because the second book of this two-volume story was announced … Read more

Jenny Gates

Jenny began her writing career at the Australian Museum in Sydney, where she co-authored several scientific catalogues and was editor of the Museum’s international scientific journals. After moving to Canada, she launched a freelance company focussing on book editing, creative writing, and inspirational keynote speaking. Jenny is currently writing a selection of fiction and non-fiction … Read more

Steven Ross Smith

Steven Ross Smith is a poet, fiction writer and art journalist, as well as a sound and performance poet. He has been publishing books since the 1970s and he was a member of the legendary sound poetry group, Owen Sound. He has published thirteen books and is published in journals, audio recordings and videos, in … Read more

New Website on the way

We have successfully gained access to the original MWG website, and have moved it to a Manitoba server. Kudos to the old host, BlackSun hosting in Saskatchewan. Their support staff was great through the whole process, even though they were helping us leave. And big thanks to Rod Salm (https://winnmarketing.ca/), our new host, for giving … Read more

Sean Perrun

Sean is the author of a debut collection of short stories called The Fine Game of Nil. This collection takes a dark and terrifying look at what might happen to human consciousness after death. Follow the final moments of his characters’ lives as they depart from this reality and enter into another plane of existence. … Read more

Lisa Cochrane

Lisa Cochrane is a novice author of mainly YA and fantasy short stories and novels. She has yet to publish any of her works, but has participated in NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo for the past four years while pursuing an education in nursing, and is currently in the process of editing the first draft of … Read more