Jacquie Roberts

Born and bred in the urban prairies, my family has been blessed with long windedness and simultaneous charisma when it comes to words. I’m riding on the coat tails of some phenomenal creatives in my family hoping to pace my own path. A mother of 4, and a need to carve a piece of the … Read more

Catherine Macdonald

I’ve had a strange but interesting career as an archivist and freelance historian, writing a wide variety of stuff from scrupulously documented reports for government lawyers to educational video scripts featuring sketch comedy.   During one of those lulls so familiar to those who freelance, I had an idea for a historical mystery novel set … Read more

Mark A. Burch

Mark A. Burch is a Winnipeg-based writer and introvert who has somehow offered courses, presentations, workshops and media appearances about voluntary simplicity and sustainable livelihood. He is author of nine non-fiction books, numerous articles and anthology contributions, and is currently working on a utopian fiction. Key titles include: Simplicity: Notes, Stories and Exercises for Developing … Read more

Melva McLean

Melva’s screenplays have won awards at international festivals, including Action on Film, Austin, Indie Gathering, the International Family Film Festival, Moondance, and SFU’s Praxis. Her period romance, Nylon Days, made the quarterfinals of the 2014 Nicholl Fellowships (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences).   Melva was also a recipient of a 2014 National Screen … Read more

Juanita Klassen

Hello. I’ve written for years and earned an English degree but I am brand-new to professional writing, both creative and commercial. Speaking of work, if you need artwork to help tell your story, I offer my services as an illustrator, as well, having recently trained as a graphic designer. Being a new member of the … Read more

M C Joudrey

M C Joudrey, Canadian writer and artist. His second novel Of Violence and Cliché released September 2013. His collection of short stories entitled Charleswood Road released August 2014. Mr. Joudrey is also a bookbinder and a number of his pieces are held in galleries all over the world. Much of his writing is held in … Read more

Maureen Flynn

Freelance reporter and columnist, Maureen Flynn’s debut novel, Buckle My Shoe, was inspired by a stay at the Marlborough Hotel. In weaving her own modern story around enduring Winnipeg lore, she shares a tale that’s eerie, gritty and sexy. This novel reached the McNally Best Seller list in the Winnipeg Free Press and has received … Read more

Adam Klassen Bartel

Adam studied English Literature and History at Canadian Mennonite University. He lives in Winnipeg where he has worked as a baker, a co-ordinator of a prison visitation program, and an occasional freelancer. He is a founding editor at Whether Magazine, an online journal dedicated to arts, culture, criticism and sincerity. Adam is available for freelance … Read more

Suzanne Costigan

Suzanne leads a busy life full of children and pets. She writes regularly and her first young adult novel, Empty Cup, was published in November 2014 by Rebelight Publishing Inc. She resides in Winnipeg and is working on her next YA novel.

K.I. Press

K.I. Press’s four books of poetry are Exquisite Monsters (2015), Types of Canadian Women (2006), Spine (2004) and Pale Red Footprints (2001). She also writes in many other genres and is taking her MFA in Creative Writing from UBC. She is the creative writing instructor in the Creative Communications program at Red River College in … Read more

Kelly-Lynne Reimer

An author in the making, Kelly-Lynne Reimer has been writing since she was thirteen. She presently is a High School English and Drama teacher. When she is not teaching she is writing Historical Fiction, Fantasy and dabbles in poetry.

Debbie Strange

Debbie Strange is a member of The Writers’ Collective of Manitoba, and is affiliated with several tanka and haiku organizations. Her writing has received awards, and has been published in numerous Japanese short form poetry journals. Debbie’s work has also been translated into several languages. She is an avid photographer whose images have been published … Read more