Raye Anderson

Raye Anderson is a Scots Canadian who taught Drama and ran Theatre and Community arts programs for many years, notably at Prairie Theatre Exchange in Winnipeg, in Ottawa and Calgary.
Raye has been a resident of the Interlake since 2007. Her first crime fiction novel, And We Shall Have Snow, was published by Signature Editions in 2020. It was a finalist for Best First Novel for the Crime Writers of Canada, Awards of Excellence and was also shortlisted in the Original Softcover Fiction category of the WILLA Literary Awards. It is set in winter, in the Interlake.

The second book in the series, which features Sergeant Roxanne Calloway of the RCMP, occurs mostly in Winnipeg, in a fictional theatre company. Titled And Then Is Heard No More, it was published in 2021, and was the Winnipeg Free Press/McNally Robinson Book Club pick for July/August of this year.

Raye returned to the Interlake as the setting for her third book, Down Came The Rain, published by Signature Editions in 2022. She has recently moved to Gimli, where she is working on a fourth novel.

Richard Zaric

Richard Zaric

Richard Zaric lives in Winnipeg and writes novels and short stories. His first book, Hiding Scars, is a historical fiction novel and was published in 2018. He is just as likely to read the latest hot literary novel as he is to flip through an old comic book. Upcoming novels: Stealing Amazing … Read more

Robert Stermscheg

Robert Stermscheg

Born in Europe in 1956, Robert Stermscheg was exposed to many wonderful writers, among them Edgar Rice Burroughs, Alexandre Dumas, even Karl May. The element Robert appreciated most about their writing was how their portrayal of life opened up his imagination to vivid new worlds. Due to frequent moves necessitated by his … Read more

Ronald James Hore

Ron has been involved in the writing world for a number of years. He is a member of a writer’s workshop and a past board member of Canadian Authors Assoc. He critiques for CM Magazine, an on-line publication, and in 2006 won first prize for a CAA short fiction contest. In 2010 he had a short story published in the anthology “Evolve” and in 2010 co-authored a history of the Rotary Club of Winnipeg. Since then, through two of the smaller publishers, has had a number of novels issued in print and e-book formats.

Ron’s website and blog is under www.ronaldhore.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/RonaldJHore

Also: author pages on Goodreads and Amazon and his current publisher Champagne Book Group under  www.champagnebooks.com

Novels published and currently available:
The Trilogies:
The Dark Lady, Dark Days, Dark Knights    (Medieaval style fantasy)
The Queen’s Pawn, The Queen’s Man, The Queen’s Game    (Medieaval style fantasy)
Toltec Dawn, Toltec Khan, Toltec Noon    (Alternate history fantasy)
Of Destiny’s Daughters, Hammer Across the Stars, Expeditions to Earth    (Space opera)

Stand Alone Novels:
Alex in Wanderland   (Modern couple trapped in a dark age world)
We’re Not in Kansas   (Mother and daughter on an archaeological expedition)

The Collections (Three novellas in each volume):
The Housetrap Chronicles volumes 1, 2, 3, 4   (Fantasy detective series)

And, as of this date, just signed contracts for two more stand alone novels).

Roxane Anderson

Roxane Anderson, an emerging writer, has always been interested in social justice. When she was a 17-year-old high school student, she wrote an article for the Winnipeg Tribune on school bus safety. Now in her sixties, she wrote a piece for CBC First Person, “I should be looking forward to early retirement, but I think I’m dreading it” (published Oct 2022). She co-authored a fictionized memoir, Broken Harnesses, with her late father (BK Publishing 2013). The story is told through the voice of Ross Reid, a young boy growing up during the Great Depression in the Canadian Prairies. When Ross runs away from home to escape the horror there, he dreams of owning a farm one day but instead finds himself a soldier of war. Moving the Flood (self-published 2022) is Roxane’s memoir of her experiences with localized artificial flooding. Roxane Anderson resides on an acreage, along the Red River, north of Selkirk, Manitoba.

Website: http://www.roxaneanderson.com/

Sharon Hamilton

Sharon Hamilton

Sharon Hamilton, currently Vice President of the MWG, is Winnipeg-born-and-bred. She grew up in St. Vital and began her teaching career in a one-room eight-grade school near St. Adolphe. Awarded a grant for doctoral studies by the Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada, she spent three years in England, … Read more

Susan Rocan

Susan writes in a variety of genres, but prefers writing for kids. She loves talking to kids and adults about writing and was invited to speak at the Writer’s Festival, Word on the Water in Kenora Ontario (October 2011).

Great Plains Publications published two of her teen novels, Withershins and Spirit Quest, both set in Manitoba and explored the question, what would happen if a modern teen was transported to the mid-eighteen hundreds? Her extensive research was presented in an informative yet entertaining manner, with the hopes of sparking a love of local history in her readership.

She has been a Writer’s Guild member since 1995, served on the Board since 2014, and belongs to the eclectic writer’s group Off The Wall, which has self-published 4 anthologies: Sex, Death and Grain Elevators, Where In The World Is Carman Manitoba?Into The Woods and AlternaPeg.

She is a proud Manitoban with two Bachelors of Education degrees, majoring in Speech Pathology, Audiology & Elementary Education. When not volunteering for the Guild, she spends time crafting greeting cards and spending time with her Grandson.

Teresa-Lee Cooke

Teresa-Lee Cooke’s love of musical theater led her to “spoken word” prose and poetry. Her work has been performed in “Wine and Words” 2013 (Theater By the River), and in FemFest 2013-2016 (Sarasvàti Productions). Her poetry appears in The Lake Winnipeg Writers’ Group’s journal “Voices” and has also been included … Read more

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