Hedy Leonora Martens 

Every week or so, someone asks me, “When is your next book coming out?” By this they mean, “We’re still waiting for the sequel to Favoured among Women. When are you going to get busy and finish it? Until recently, I was puzzled each time, because the second book of this two-volume story was announced … Read more

Henry Fast

Book, WHERE THE PAVEMENT ENDS: (Mis)Adventures in International Rural Development, 2013 www.henryfast.com/

Jacob Buller

I have been writing as a passion and hobby since I was old enough to read. I try to keep it short, but sometimes it just blossoms into huge, mega stories that interlink with each other. I write primarily fiction, stream of consciousness stuff. I write the occasional non-fiction piece, and also sometimes post creative … Read more

Jacquie Roberts

Born and bred in the urban prairies, my family has been blessed with long windedness and simultaneous charisma when it comes to words. I’m riding on the coat tails of some phenomenal creatives in my family hoping to pace my own path. A mother of 4, and a need to carve a piece of the … Read more

Jenny Gates

I began my writing career at the Australian Museum in Sydney where I co-authored several scientific catalogues and was editor of international scientific publications. Here in Winnipeg, I
work as a substantive book editor, and write plays, screenplays, fiction and non-fiction books, articles, speeches, stories, blogs, and occasionally even poetry. Side interests include music,
photography, and exploring the neighbourhood. With a bit of luck, by the end of 2021, I’ll have finally renovated my website, and published my first non-fiction book.

Contact info:
Email – words@jennygates.com
Website – https://jennygates.com/
Instagram – @jennygatesstories
Business Facebook – @wordsstoriesconversations

Summary of Publications
I am a co-author of Zoological Catalogues of Fishes (3 vols) and Echinodermata.
I have published community articles in the Canstar Metro, was ghostwriter for “Crushed Ice” by
Bud Ulrich, and have edited 24 published and four as yet unpublished fiction and non-fiction

Award Nominations
Three of my authors have been publicly honoured for their work.
“Winnie The Bear” by M. A. Appleby won the Gold Medal for Best Regional Non-Fiction at the
Independent Publisher Book Awards in 2012.
“Harley’s Bootstraps” by Lois Henderson was a finalist for the Carol Shields Winnipeg Book
Award in 2021.
“Welcome to California” by Sandra L. A. Boszko was a finalist for the Next Generation Indie
Book Awards of 2021 in the categories of Social Justice and Memoirs (Personal Struggle/Health

Jess Landry

From the day she was born, Jess Landry has always been attracted to the darker things in life. Her fondest childhood memories include getting nightmares from the Goosebumps books, watching The Hilarious House of Frightenstein, and reiterating to her parents that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her mental state. When not writing, she works as Managing Editor for … Read more

Joan-Dianne Smith

Joan-Dianne Smith is a Winnipeg psychotherapist and part time writer. She has been published in The Globe and Mail, Cahoots Magazine, The Dalhousie Review, Transition Magazine, and in two anthologies; Christmas Chaos, and in Torn: True Stories of Kids, Career, and the Conflict of Modern Motherhood. In October, 2012 she is launching a first book … Read more

Joanne Epp

I’m a writer of poetry and non-fiction. My work has appeared in Canadian literary magazines, and most recently in the anthology Tongue Screws and Testimonies: Poems, Stories and Essays Inspired by the Martyrs Mirror. You can read my blog at http://joanneepp.com.

John Bradley Galayda

John Bradley Galayda is a student currently residing in Winnipeg. He got his first short story published in the Polar Expressions Publishing anthology: Setting the Scene. He is hoping to make a good living as a writer, but needs help in doing it. He is just an emerging writer now, but he wants the help … Read more

John Toone

john@johntoone.ca Bio John Toone’s first collection of poetry, From Out of Nowhere, was published by Turnstone Press in spring 2009. He published two kids’ books in fall 2009, Catch that Catfish! and Hope and the Walleye. His poems also appear in the story Sixgun Quixote from the new graphic novel The Imagination Manifesto (Alchemical Press). … Read more

Joseph Mackintosh

I spent most of my career teaching Economics in the Business faculty at Red River College. That’s where I joined with several colleagues to write an Economics Workbook, my first foray into the world of publishing. Through Prentice-Hall, our book was successfully distributed to colleges across Canada. I loved the writing and figured there were possibilities on the horizon for other stories.

My hobby and experience as a professional musician led to the first possibility. I had tape-recorded (yes, it was that long ago) several hours of conversations with old-time fiddler Andy Dejarlis in the 1970s. The tapes sat idling long after Andy’s passing until it dawned on me that here was a chance to put the story on paper. It resulted in my first biography – Andy DeJarlis, the life and music of an old-time fiddler – published by Great Plains Publications in 2010. I followed that with a story on local runner Chris McCubbins: Pan-Am Games gold medalist in the Steeplechase; Olympic competitor in the 10,000 metres; member of the elite US Army Pentathlon Team; University of Manitoba track coach; teacher; and former brother-in-law. The book – Chris McCubbins, Running the Distance – was published by J Gordon Shillingford Publishing in 2013.

My third book – Briar Cottage, My summers in a Town called Gimli – is due on the shelves in May 2022. It’s my story as a youngster spending summers at our cottage in Gimli, Manitoba published through Friesen Press.

The story is a memoir. It’s a slice of history—the story of Gimli, Manitoba—come to life.

There’s the mystique of rail travel; there’s rafting on the pond; there’s swimming at the harbour. There’s dancing to the Men of Note. There are bonfires and bull rushes and bicycling the town; the tastes of Central Bakery; the fun of pinball at Sam’s Café; and the vibes of the Falcon. This book is about adventures that define summer life in Gimli for a city lad. In addition, there’s the story of family and their struggles in the 1930s against a backdrop of happier times at the cottage.

It’s a story that will bring back memories of life in Gimli especially for those who have summered in the town or along the west-shore beaches of Lake Winnipeg.

Juanita Klassen

Hello. I’ve written for years and earned an English degree but I am brand-new to professional writing, both creative and commercial. Speaking of work, if you need artwork to help tell your story, I offer my services as an illustrator, as well, having recently trained as a graphic designer. Being a new member of the … Read more