Chris Rutkowski

I’m a Canadian science writer and educator with a background in astronomy. Since the mid-1970s, I’ve also been studying reports of UFOs and writing about my investigations and research. I have eight published books on UFOs and related issues (and few other non-UFO books), including A World of UFOs (2008), I Saw It Too! (2009) and The Big Book of UFOs (2010). I am a member of an awesome writers’ group known as Off the Wall. I am on Twitter (@ufologyresearch) and blog at: I have been involved in many writing and media projects for more than 30 years, including TV specials (The Monster of Lake Manitoba, 1996), planetarium shows (Moonlight Serenade, 1983, and Amateur Nights, 1989) and newspaper columns (Strange Tales, in the Northern Times, Thompson, Manitoba,1984 to 1985). I have been an occasional book reviewer for the Winnipeg Free Press. I have appeared on numerous radio programs, podcasts and TV series, including Unsolved Mysteries, UFO Hunters, Sightings, Eye2thesky and A&E’s The Unexplained. I’m on the Board of the Manitoba Writers’ Guild and teach courses on writing. I am a past president of both the Winnipeg Science Fiction Society and the Winnipeg Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. My day job is as a public information officer for a university. Oh, and in my spare time I try to help eliminate hunger, cure disease, raise spiritual awareness and bring about world peace.

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