Jacquie Roberts

Born and bred in the urban prairies, my family has been blessed with long windedness and simultaneous charisma when it comes to words. I’m riding on the coat tails of some phenomenal creatives in my family hoping to pace my own path. A mother of 4, and a need to carve a piece of the pie out for myself I began to write primarily poetry, then dabbled in short stories. I currently have 2 fictional stories as well as a non fiction piece underway. My Dear Poet series is my baby in which I hope to be my debut into a an entire published poetry book of its own.

I can be found in a few published poetry compilations on Amazon. (Cascades of Poetry, The Wood Knots, and Neverlasting) I have guest published a blog piece for a women’s online magazine called VoElla.com. While I continue to write daily on Twitter under the handle @Entiretyinbits; Entirety offers the scope of a woman’s existence in prose, writing everything from birth to death and everything that lays between. Wattpad has become the home for my emerging longer pieces, also under the same pseudonym.

I was featured for my work in an online community, called Creative Monday’s and named as one of their 25 most inspirational people of 2015. This was truly an honour.

www.entiretyinbits.com offers a hub to find me in my social networking community.