Just a little about myself and the long and winding road about my personal experience.with two generations of Neurofibromatosis 1. Every year for more than twenty years I stumble through all my research and am afraid to write about my daughter and her son’s disease. The pain and experiences flood right back into my gut. I won a Writer’s Guild Award as a young Girl and written journals since I was nine. I have such a personal fascination with any writing tool to the point of hoarding them. They each have their own attitude and expression, which I am drawn to in many ways. I joined this site to study other writers and their words they share. A feast for my comprehending sponge of a mind. It is my mind I want to feed. I do not want to be rich or famous, I just want to write. What brings me to this stage? My 12 year old grandson has been recommended by his Oncologist to a treatment center in the United States, as Canada does not offer the drug, treatment, or funding. Justin’s mother is too sick to take care of herself and she has given me custody of Justin for the last five years. No chemo, radiation, or surgery are an option as it would leave him both neurologically and physically challenged and the quality of life will not be as he knows it. I have set up a page on facebook called, ” MEDICAL TREATMENT FUNDRAISING “. The doctor in Cincinnati said we would need to raise at least a hundred thousand to start the medical procedure on Justin. So boots to the ground I go running and thinking how to get the information out there. So here I am and this is me on my journey of the long and winding road.

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