Maureen Flynn

Freelance reporter and columnist, Maureen Flynn’s debut novel, Buckle My Shoe, was inspired by a stay at the Marlborough Hotel.

In weaving her own modern story around enduring Winnipeg lore, she shares a tale that’s eerie, gritty and sexy.

This novel reached the McNally Best Seller list in the Winnipeg Free Press and has received many favorable reviews.

Lesley Hughes said in the Winnipeg Free Press Book Section, on February 8, 2014, “Flynn, a freelance writer and columnist published in the Finding Your Happiness edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul, tells a mighty good story. Buckle My Shoe is a straightforward narrative told in declarative sentences with no pretense of the rich, sophisticated overlay one finds in the best, most seasoned detective writers, such as Americans John Sanford or Sue Grafton or any of the Scandinavian noir writers like Jo Nesbo or Stieg Larsson.

But as Walt Disney famously said, the writer’s job is always the same: to restore order out of chaos. In Buckle My Shoe, Flynn had created engaging chaos and untangled it with considerable flair.”

Buckle My Shoe is the first in the mystery series, and the second installment, “Shut the Door” is completed in first draft.

Buckle My Shoe
ISBN: 978-1-894717-81-6
Pemmican Publications Inc.