Oriole A Veldhuis

ORIOLE A. VELDHUIS lives and writes in Winnipeg, but her heart is in rural Manitoba. Her education in Stockton, Brandon College, and Normal School opened the door to adventure in classrooms and beyond. Interspersed between her years of teaching in Manitoba, Newfoundland and Ontario, Oriole studied at MacDonald Institute in Guelph, and the Centre for Christian Studies in Toronto for diaconal ministry. Married to Art in 1963, they enjoyed United Church congregations in God’s Lake Narrows, Holland, Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Elmira, Ontario. Art and their four children fitted into her busy life of working part-time and studies—B. Ed., Post Baccalaureate in Education, and M. Div. As the need arose Oriole’s roles changed from a one-room school ‘marm’ to minister, then a full-time Mom and potter, added activity-director, then minister, returned to her first calling as a teacher-librarian / computer lab facilitator, and finally after retirement, a writer. Oriole has faced daunting challenges, not the least of which was the writing of this story. Looking back over an eventful life, she recognizes many blessings—a loving family, remarkable students, supportive colleagues, and warm friendships.
Her published articles have been well received—“Pastoral Care for Children”, and three short memoirs for an anthology of Manitoba writers, Measured Words I and II.
In keeping a promise to her father, her research became too intriguing to hoard in her home.
Within the covers of For Elise: Unveiling the forgotten Woman on the Criddle Homestead, Oriole offers the reader creative non-fiction like no other.

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