Orysia Tracz

Writer, translator, consultant, and speaker

• B.A., Political Science, George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
• Researcher, writer, lecturer and consultant on Ukrainian folk art, customs, and ethnology
• Columnist, The Ukrainian Weekly (Parsippany, New Jersey)
• Free-lance writer and commentator
• Translator, interpreter, speech writer
• Consultant for cultural groups

Prairie Fire — “Echoes from Ukrainian Canada.” Special issue on Ukrainian Canadian literature, October 1992. Initiator of issue and member of guest editorial board. One non-fiction work and one review.

“Ukrainians in Manitoba” entry in Encyclopedia of Manitoba. Winnipeg: Great Plains Publications, 2007.

Columnist for The Ukrainian Weekly (Parsippany, New Jersey). International award-winning newspaper.

Writing and translating:

First Star I See Tonight: Ukrainian Christmas Traditions (Winnipeg: Mazepa Publications, 2015) launched on December 3, 2015 at McNally Robinson Booksellers.

The book has been on the McNally Robinson Bestellers list (non-fiction, softcover) since the first week of December – #1 (twice) and #2 (4 times).  Selling well across North America.




Pinzel’s Era: the Album. Vira Stets’ko. Kyiv, 2012. Translator – bilingual book. [Accompanied the exhibition at The Louvre in 2012] (Translator)

Ukraina ta Ukraintsi. Ukraine and Ukrainians. Album. Petro Honchar, Pavlo Sachek, Ihor Poshyvailo. Kyiv: Muzei Ivana Honchara; Oranta Publ., 2006- . Translator of English text. [vol. 1 – Grand Prix at Lviv Book Fair, 2006] Three volumes published, one in pre-publication, fifteen to be published. (Translator)

Cossack [Kozak] Mamai. Stanyslav Bushak. Kyiv: Rodovid, 2008. Translator. [Best Typography Award at Lviv Book Fair, 2008] (Translator)

Painted Wood: Naive Art of the Ukrainian Village. Lidiia Orel. Kyiv: Rodovid, 2003.
[First Prize at Lviv Book Fair, 2004] (Translator)

Ukrainian Antiquities: Folk Art of the Hutsul and Pokuttia Regions in Private Collections. Kyiv: Rodovid, 2002. (Translator)

Ukrainian Folk Costume. Lydia Burachynsky [et al] Bi-lingual. Toronto-Philadelphia: World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations, 1992. (Translator)

Spirit of Ukraine: 500 Years of Ukrainian Painting. Winnipeg: Winnipeg Art Gallery, 1991. Co-editor (one of four) and translator.

Carpathia Credit Union — 50 Years of Service to the Community. Winnipeg: Carpathia Credit Union, 1990. Co-author with Dr. Halyna Muchin. Bi-lingual book.

Writer of three anniversary brochures for the Rusalka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble of Winnipeg: 1972, English text; 1979, Ukrainian text; 1982, Ukrainian and English text.

Chair of UCC-MPC Taras Shevchenko 200th Anniversary Committee — Traveling Exhibition subsection — Curator-writer of the text of the exhibition.

Over 400 published articles in numerous publications (The Globe and Mail, Winnipeg Free Press, Prairie Fire, University of Manitoba Alumni Journal, Prairie Garden, Canadian [Antiques] Collector, Forum: a Ukrainian Review).

Current projects:

Writing Rusalka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble 50th Anniversary book.

Instructor at McNally-Robinson Classrooms.

Tour Manager of folk art and culture tours to Ukraine.

Lectures across Canada, the USA, Australia, and Ukraine