Special Session: Writing in the Margins: Farm, Forest, and Frontier (Thurs 11 am)

Fisher Lavell (Swan River), Donna Besel (Lac du Bonnet), Sharron Arksey (Langruth)

  • Panelists will speak about their development as writers, aspects of rural life overlooked in mainstream publishing, and challenges of accessibility and connectedness. Each woman will share her perspective: Sharron Arksey from her Langruth cattle farm, Donna Besel from eastern forests, and Fisher Lavell from Swan River’s working-class “rough outskirts.”

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Session 1: Poetry

Maureen Scott Harris, Toronto

  • Recovery: Enkroetschments on My Great-Uncle’s Farm Diaries

John Lent, Vernon

  • Field Elegies: An Exploration of Dennis Cooley’s Fielding and Irene

Manuel Portela, University of Coimbra, Portugal

  • Page Fields and Blank Spaces: Typographic Notation in the Poetry of Dennis Cooley
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Nathan Dueck, St. Mary’s University College

  • The Irony of Transcribing Plautdietsch

Session 2: Robert Stead

Stephanie George, University of Manitoba

  • A Prairie Hero: The Deconstruction of Traditional Heroism in Robert Stead’s Grain

Caitlin McIntyre, University of Manitoba

  • Mr. Big Farmerman: The Portrayal of Agricultural Industrialization in Robert Stead’s Dry Water

Barbara Romanik, University of Manitoba

  • The Construction of the Urban and the Rural in Stead’s Grain

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Session 3: Urban Winnipeg

Tricia Arden Caldwell, Université Laval

  • John K. Samson’s Lyrics and Poems, 1997-2012: The Social Construction of Contemporary Space Within an Urban, Prairie Center

Andre Forget, Canadian Mennonite University

  • Winnipeg as Palimpsest: Poetry and the Architecture of Memory

Rae St. Clair Bridgman, University of Manitoba

  • Biblio-travel and Literary Tourism in Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Session 4: Writing Community

Jeannette Timmerman, Winnipeg

  • My Ongoing Love Affair with Writing Groups

Denyse Johnson, Vancouver

  • Lessons from Box 217: How Teatime in Rural Manitoba Opened the Door to the Rest of the World

Helen Lepp Friesen, University of Winnipeg

  • Teaching Writing as an Every Day Treasure Hunt


Session 6: Libraries, Archives, Collectors

D.H. Breyfogle, University of Manitoba

  • “So Allured to Read”:  Reading and Writing with Elizabeth Dafoe and her Family

Jody Baltessen, City of Winnipeg Archives

  • Narrating the Archives:  An Exploration of Context and Meaning in City Records, 1874-1971

Chris Rutkowski, University of Manitoba

  •  The Sublime Vigil of Chester D. Cuthbert: The Legacy of Canada’s Biggest Science Fiction Fan

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Session 7: Manufacturing the Prairie: Gender, Marriage and Nation in the Early Manitoba Novel

Alison Calder, University of Manitoba

  • Family or Farm?  Calculating the High Cost of Marriage in Settlers of the Marsh

Katelyn Dykstra Dykerman, University of Manitoba

  • “Holding Taut the Reins of Power”: Examining an Ideology of Masculinity in Martha Ostenso’s Wild Geese and Christine van der Mark’s In Due Season

Sean Braun, University of Manitoba

  • The Politics of Decorum and the (Un)Invited Guest in Douglas Durkin’s The Magpie

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Session 8: Laurence & Company

Nora Foster Stovel, University of Alberta

  • “When Did I Ever Speak the Heart’s Truth?” or How To Narrate One’s Own Death: Margaret Laurence’s The Stone Angel and Carol Shields’s The Stone Diaries

Catherine Bates, University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom

  • “By their garbage shall ye know them!”: Refiguring Manitoban Waste in Margaret Laurence’s The Diviners and Guy Maddin’s My Winnipeg

John O’Connor, University of Toronto

  • Various Persons Named Peggy Wemyss:  Competing Biographical Readings of Margaret Laurence’s Manitoba Years

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Session 9: Personal and Political

Addena Sumter-Freitag, London, Ontario

  • Just Down the Street: Writing in Subjectivity of Black Prairie Voices

Carmelo Militano, Winnipeg

  • Seed Catalogue and The Sad Phoenician in an Italian-Canadian Garden

Ron Romanowski, Winnipeg

  • Muldoon for Manitoba: A Spring Occupation with Paul Muldoon’s The End of the Poem Read as Poetical Geography

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Session 10: Lives of Girls and Women

Tanis MacDonald, Wilfrid Laurier University

  • GirlWould: Wiseman, Medved, Hunter, and Still on Growing Up Girl in Winnipeg

Jason Wiens, University of Calgary

  • In Search of Catherine Wiens: Genealogy, Biography, and the Structure of Frederick Philip Grove’s Over Prairie Trails and In Search of Myself

Luann Hiebert, Providence University College

  • Great Expectations: Ariel Gordon’s Hump & Reader/Writer Conceptions

Session 11: Film

Stan Janz, Calgary

  • A Tactful Relationship with One’s Demons: “Pro-repression” and Guy Maddin

Eugene Walz, University of Manitoba

  • Allan Kroeker’s Adaptations of Manitoba Stories to Screen

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Special Session: Sur Lise Gaboury-Diallo (Saturday 10:45 am)