Rebeca Kuropatwa

Rebeca Kuropatwa was born and raised in the prairies of Manitoba, Canada. Though she’s lived, worked, and studied in big cities (Montreal, Calgary, New York) and other countries (notably Israel), and has travelled to Europe (London, Paris, and Antwerp), she’s stayed true to her prairie roots with her love of nature and community.

Rebeca has a strong sense of right and wrong, a survivor’s resilience, and a desire to bring truth, hope, and positive change.

Rebeca writes.

She’s an advocate for the underdog. She cares about people – their health, rights, family, and environment – and expresses her commitment through meaningful writing.

She shares compelling, inspirational stories of overcoming adversity, courage, and survival.

She unravels complex matters, offering clarity with her insightful, crafted prose.

She reports not only on current issues but writes of the women and men behind the headlines, sharing their challenges, choices, and achievements.

A member Professional Writer’s Association of Canada (PWAC), the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ), the Manitoba Writer’s Guild (MWG), and Access Copyright, Rebeca holds a degree in political science and in professional writing.

She writes for publications (magazines and newspapers) and organizations (community and national).

Rebeca lives in Winnipeg with her husband and young daughter. She’s a member of the YMCA-YWCA, Manitoba Eco Network, Fort Whyte Alive, the Winnipeg chapter of Canadian Magen David Adom (CMDA), and Daniel McIntyre/St. Matthews Community Association (DMSMCA). When she is away from her desk, she can be found walking in the boreal forest or dreaming under the clear blue prairie skies.

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