Rick Johnson

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As a private entrepreneur, Final-Copy proprietor Rick Johnson has edited and/or written website content, books and academic papers for clients in both Canada and the United States.

As a journalist and communications co-ordinator for an international non-governmental organization, he has covered important meetings at the United Nations, edited reports and articles from all over the world, co-ordinated the creation of internationally distributed Disability International Magazine, designed and produced annual reports, brochures, the Disability Directory for his home city of Winnipeg in Canada, and various public relations materials.

As an employee of large media corporations, Rick’s responsibilities as managing editor included all aspects of departmental management: administration and planning, supervision and co-ordination of editors, freelance writers and columnists, annual budget planning, participation on miscellaneous management team projects and daily substantive editing of stories, features and editorials.

Personal Accomplishments:
Current – Continue to work with new and experienced authors around the world in the creation of their manuscripts, some of which are now award-winning books.

• 2003 – The Way Life Is (Trafford Publishing) – A true story about the love and devotion of a young couple whose two daughters are born with disability

• 2002 – Beyond Words – an anthology of creative writing pieces

• 1999 – Celebrating Seniors – a collection of 21 feature profiles in commemoration of The United Nations Year of Older Persons

• Two-time winner of the International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors Golden Dozen Award for outstanding editorial writing

• Three-time winner of the Charles Hawkins Memorial Trophy for best national editorial, Canadian Community Newspapers Association

• First-place winner of the Vopni Memorial Award for best editorial, Manitoba Community Newspapers Association

• Second-place winner of the CIDA Award for Excellence in feature writing on international co-operation

• Media Award winner, Ontario Forest Industries Association, for excellence in news and feature writing on the forest industry

In summary, Rick Johnson has many years of award-winning experience as an editor, communications director, newspaper reporter, columnist, features and editorial writer. When he is personally not available, an equally qualified and professional editor is assigned to each new client.

Like Mark Twain, Rick believes: “The difference between the almost right word and the right word is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”

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