Shannon Gibson

Shannon is a young aspiring writer – fifteen years old – from Pinawa MB, with hopes to make a career in writing. She competed in a national spelling bee at the age of twelve, and this along with her love of reading ignited a passion for writing. Since then, Shannon has been published in three anthologies of short stories, and one of poetry. Recently, she completed a novel-length manuscript in historical fiction based on the life of Helen of Troy, following her tragic life from childhood to death. She has also met the National Novel Writing Month challenge twice (writing 50,000 words in one month). Now, Shannon continues to write short stories, and has begun work on a second novel, while still wondering what to do with the first. Shannon is very grateful for any tips or advice from more experienced writers!

Published Work:

“The Death of Revenge”, Formation, Polar Expressions Publishing, 2010

“Ribbon of Angels”, The Iron Horse, Polar Expressions Publishing, 2011

“Cataclysm”, Inkspots, Polar Expressions Publishing, 2011

“Elements of Canada”, The Calling, Polar Expressions Publishing, 2011

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