Shirley Kowalchuk

Shirley Kowalchuk is a Winnipeg based writer who began her published career writing for Nurscene Magazine while still in college. One day, after getting back a journalism class assignment, she placed it in a brown manila envelope and sent it to the Inner City Voice where it appeared in the next issue. The article won the Eric Wells Excellence in Journalism Award.

Other publications include Western Living Magazine, the Winnipeg Free Press, Manitoba Travel Guide (Manipeg Publications), and more. She has taken much joy in writing for the North Point Douglas community’s newsletter, The Point.

Shirley indulges in the freedom of poetry and playwriting and has produced varied interpretations of local heritage spaces. For almost 2 decades, Shirley has worked summer days as coordinator for the internationally recognized Exchange District National Historic Site, and has worked as a registered nurse.

She has created short films and experiments with mixing media along a narrative. Shirley takes inspiration from her pet poodle Webster who is just beginning to teach her what he knows.


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