Susan Rocan

Susan writes in a variety of genres, but prefers writing for kids. She loves talking to kids and adults about writing and was invited to speak at the Writer’s Festival, Word on the Water in Kenora Ontario (October 2011).

Great Plains Publications published two of her teen novels, Withershins and Spirit Quest, both set in Manitoba and explored the question, what would happen if a modern teen was transported to the mid-eighteen hundreds? Her extensive research was presented in an informative yet entertaining manner, with the hopes of sparking a love of local history in her readership.

She has been a Writer’s Guild member since 1995, served on the Board since 2014, and belongs to the eclectic writer’s group Off The Wall, which has self-published 4 anthologies: Sex, Death and Grain Elevators, Where In The World Is Carman Manitoba?Into The Woods and AlternaPeg.

She is a proud Manitoban with two Bachelors of Education degrees, majoring in Speech Pathology, Audiology & Elementary Education. When not volunteering for the Guild, she spends time crafting greeting cards and spending time with her Grandson.

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