Book Chat with Gabriele Goldstone

On April 12 at 7 pm, please join us for the next of our virtual Book Chat series with our featured author, Gabriele Goldstone. To receive the Zoom info, please email

Spurred on by a mixture of shame and curiosity—and inspired by her childhood book heroine, Nancy Drew—Gabriele Goldstone writes the books she wishes she could have read while growing up with European, post-war immigrant parents.

Her two most recent YA novels, Crow Stone (2022) and Tainted Amber (2021), set in Eastern Europe—act as bookends to the Second World War—the perfection-seeking before and the chaotic-after.

Book Chats

Our first Book Chat of 2023 will take place on February 8th at 7 pm. Our featured author will be Méira Cook. To receive the Zoom instructions to join us, email us at

Méira is the award-winning author of the novels ‘Once More With Feeling’; ‘The House on Sugarbush Road’, which won the McNally Robinson Book of the Year Award; and ‘Nightwatching’, which won the Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction. She has also published five poetry collections, most recently ‘Monologue Dogs’, which was shortlisted for the 2016 Lansdowne Prize for Poetry and for the 2016 McNally Robinson Book of the Year Award. She has won the CBC Poetry Prize and the inaugural Walrus Poetry Prize. She has served as Writer in Residence at the University of Manitoba’s Centre for Creative Writing and Oral Culture, and the Winnipeg Public Library. Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, she now lives in Winnipeg.

Margaret Laurence Award winner, ‘The Full Catastrophe’ is a compassionate and funny novel about defining yourself, the communities that support us, and the journeys that secrets propel.

Charlie Minkoff, a thirteen-year-old boy born with intersex traits, would be happy to be left alone. Living with his artist mother in a derelict loft in downtown Winnipeg, perpetually wondering about the father who abandoned him, and tormented in school because of his differences, Charlie navigates the assorted catastrophes of his life. He’s helped along by the love of his beloved grandfather, Oscar, and the makeshift family who surround him: his mother’s best friend; a couple of elderly shut-in neighbours; a mysterious girl in his class who has secrets of her own; and his desperately needy and perpetually hungry dog, Gellman.

When a school project leads him to discover that Oscar never had a bar mitzvah, Charlie decides to right the historical wrong and arrange a belated ceremony. But this quest will be more than he bargained for, and meanwhile everyone from his doctor to his Ancestry Studies teacher keeps insisting that Charlie needs to learn to tell his own story. 

June Book Chat

Please join us for a chat with Harriet Zaidman, whose book, Second Chances, was just nominated for the 2023 Manitoba Young Readers’ Choice Northern Lights Award.
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Harriet Zaidman is a 3rd generation Canadian, the descendant of Russian Jews who experienced all the hardship and discrimination society had to offer in the early 1900s. Her successes are a result of their hard work and sacrifice. She’s a retired K-Gr. 8 teacher librarian, a book reviewer for the Winnipeg Free Press and CM Canadian Review of Materials and a freelance writer. She’s written 3 picture books and two novels; her first novel – City on Strike (Red Deer Press, 2019), follows children whose family is caught up in the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike. It has many of her own family’s stories woven in. City on Strike received nominations for the Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young Children and the Diamond Foundation Prize.
Her latest novel, Second Chances (Red Deer, 2021), is based on real events. It recalls the tragic polio epidemics of the 1950s, just as the life-saving Salk vaccine was developed. A teenage hockey star paralyzed by the disease develops feelings for a girl in hospital. She’s worried about the fate of her family, which is facing eviction from the Metis community of Rooster Town because of the racist attitudes of the city and greedy developers, who want their land. He must deal not only with his physical challenges, but decide if he has the courage to face down societal prejudices so he can follow his heart.

August Book Chat

Our August Book Chat will feature Guild member Nancy Chislett. She recently launched her debut novel Bombing the moon.
To hear her read from her novel and answer questions, such as what it was like to launch her first novel, email for the Zoom instructions.
About Nancy:
Nancy is an avid traveler, having visited almost 50 countries on six continents. She also plays classical music on piano and composes a little jazz. Career-wise, she has worked as a high school teacher and as a university administrator of an international student program. Bombing the moon is her debut novel. She recently received a grant from the Canada Council of the Arts to support her while writing her second literary work, entitled, Saving Fictions. She lives in the eclectic city of Winnipeg with her spouse, Grant, and dog, Simon.
About Bombing the moon:
At 24, Devin Rush’s future is unknown and his parents don’t support his dreams of becoming a songwriter. Add to that North Korea’s nuclear threats, a corporate world of greed, and impending automation, Devin feels like the world is rigged against him.
Conflict boils at home. Devin is jobless and antagonistic. His parents, wondering if he’ll ever man-up, fear he’ll depend on them for life. But when Devin’s grandfather gives him a one-way ticket to Nairobi, Devin sees no alternative and leaves, and is thrust into a world unlike any he’s ever seen.
Stunned by his sudden departure, Devin’s parents and sister are pushed further afield of the control they crave. Resentment and guilt nudge his parent’s marriage closer to collapse, and abandonment triggers his sister’s long-buried shame. When Nairobi’s election approaches and tensions erupt, Devin is faced with choices and consequences that are all too real. Beautifully written, often subversive and darkly funny, ‘Bombing the moon’ is an honest, intimate exploration of the promises and limitations of tough love.

Ron Hore – our next Book Chat author

On May 12, 2021, (7 pm) at our next Book Chat, prolific Manitoba writer, Ron Hore will read something from his huge body of work. To be a part of this online event, email for the Zoom instructions.

When asked to send in his bio for the Book Chat, this is what Ron had to say:

A reader of genre fiction since an early age, I got down to serious attempts at writing over thirty years ago, although employment kept getting in the way.

During those years I wrote a considerable amount of non-fiction, enough to be listed as a professional writer by the Canadian Authors Association.

Hobbies include trying to keep on the good side of my wife, keep track of my children and grandchildren, photography, and wrestling the blasted cat off the keyboard. In my diminishing spare time, I reminisce about the good old days of sailing on Lake Winnipeg and the occasions we got lost.

My writing history includes:

Winning first prize in 2006 for a national Canadian Authors Assoc. short story contest (a romantic ghost story: “Midnight”) and being published in their anthology that year, and a modern vampire tale “Chrysalis” published in an anthology “Evolve” that did quite well after its launch at the 2010 World Horror Convention in Brighton, England which I attended.

A current member of two writing organizations, the Canadian Authors’ Association and the Manitoba Writers’ Guild, I have served as a director on the CAA Executive. For several years I was in charge of the judging for a national Canadian history book contest and chaired a writer’s workshop in Winnipeg that in 2005 self-published an anthology, “Pieces of Eight,” including three of my own selections: a sci fi piece, an attempt at an epic poem, and a true tale of how I almost drowned my brother and his wife in a storm the first year I owned a sailboat.

I currently review science fiction and fantasy genre novels and anthologies for an on-line magazine aimed primarily at libraries. I am losing track, but I have done somewhere over 80 reviews so far.

In 2010 I co-authored a nonfiction history: “The Rotary Club of Winnipeg-100 Years of Service.”

Through Champagne Book Group ( I have a medieval fantasy trilogy of novels of murder and intrigue entitled: “The Dark Lady,” “Dark Days,” and “Dark Knights,” and a second high-fantasy trilogy: “The Queen’s Pawn,” “The Queen’s Man,” and “The Queen’s Game.” My latest trilogy is a Sci-Fi Space Opera: “Of Destiny’s Daughters,” “Hammer Across the Stars,” and “Expeditions to Earth.” I also write a series of fantasy detective novellas under: “The Housetrap Chronicles.” Ten of these are now available as individual tales with the first six gathered within two collections and a third on the way. There is also a standalone medieval-style novella, “Knights Bridge.” There is a stand-alone novel released through Champagne, “Alex in Wanderland,” a modern bickering couple in a Dark Age alternate universe, tale. BURST Books is a division of Champagne books.

Under eTreasures Publishing ( I’ve had a speculative fiction adventure novel about a lady archeologist: “We’re Not in Kansas,” released, and my Toltec Empire conquers Europe What-If trilogy, set in 1215AD: “Toltec Dawn,” “Toltec Khan,” and “Toltec Noon.”

All of my Burst/Champagne and eTreasures products are available as ebooks through the publishers, or the usual on-line sources, with most also available in print. And with any luck, there will be still more madness to come.

To learn more about Ron (R.J.) Hore, follow the links:

Bibliography – Publishing Record of R.J.Hore

(As of February 2021)

2006 – Canadian Authors Assoc.  Canwrite Collection of Short Stories – First Place – “Midnight”

2010 – “Rotary Club of Winnipeg 100 Years of Service” – a co-author

2010 – “EVOLVE – Vampire Stories of the New Undead” – EDGE – “Chrysalis”

Champagne Book Group – The Novels

2012 – “The Dark Lady”   2014 – “Dark Days”   2014 – “Dark Knights”

2013 – “The Queen’s Pawn”   2015 – “The Queen’s Man”   2016 – “The Queen’s Game”

2014 – “The Housetrap Chronicles, Volume 1” Collection of the first three HT novellas

2014 – “The Housetrap Chronicles, Volume 2” Collection of the next three HT novellas

2015 – “Alex in Wanderland”

2019 – “Of Destiny’s Daughters”   2020 – “Hammer Across the Stars”   2020 – “Expeditions to Earth”

Champagne Book Group – The Novellas

2013 – “Knight’s Bridge”

The Housetrap Chronicles Series of Novellas:

2012 – “Housetrap” (1)

2013 – “Dial M for Mudder” (2)

2013 – “House on Hollow Hill” (3)

2013 – “Hounds of Basalt Ville” (4)

2014 – “Murder in the Rouge Mort” (5)

2014 – “Treasure of the Sarah Madder” (6)

2015 – “Menagerie à Trois” (7)

2017 – “Murder on the Disoriented Express” (8)

2020 – “Silence of the Sands” (9)

2021 – “The Road to Hell is Paved with Parsnips” (10)

eTreasures Publishing – The Novels

2916 – “We’re Not in Kansas”

2016 – “Toltec Dawn”…2016 – “Toltec Khan”…2018 – “Toltec Noon”

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