Vincent Moore

I am a Canadian poet, born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. I grew up in a predominantly Irish area known as Point St, Charles. Life in The Point during the 1950’s and 1960’s is the inspiration for much of my work and the result is a poignant and poetic marriage of tenderness and pain. I now reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In Melancholia explores, through poetry, the darker side of childhood lived inside the cracks of poverty and abuse and yet it is not without hope. The candle shines brighter and the songs are sweeter as a young boy stands poised at the edge of manhood.

In Absinthia is a collection of poetry. Vincent Moore pens his thoughts about many things and has a style all his own. Sometimes, he parties with words excessively and it becomes necessary to publish quickly lest his work be lost in the dark corners of his room or his mind.
Not just another pretty mask with eloquent words, Vincent will lead you into mysterious worlds that are strange yet somehow familiar, worlds that will leave you unsettled and breathless for more.

In Passionata is my third book of poetry making it a trilogy. It’s dedicated to all the things in life that stir the soul. Passion is at the heart of every poem in this latest book. Light the candles, start the music, and celebrate the very essence of love. My two previous books in this poetic trilogy are In Absinthia and In Melancholia. They deal with some of life’s darker issues and many are inspired by the author’s past.

I have had the pleasure of being interviewed by a few ezine magazines, two in particular listed below.
Eye on Life Magazine: Eye on Writing-

FlashstarMagazine: awarded the “Editors Choice Award”
For my third book of poetry, “In Passionata”

My own personal website where my work keeps evolving: http://www.vincentmooreca


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