Wendy Proteau

Blessed with three siblings and parents who supported my hopes, I was raised in a small Canadian town, in an average middle-class family. I’ve married, divorced, dated, loved, lost, struggled, worked, succeeded and failed. I really am an everyday type of person and think of myself as rather boring.

Single at age forty-something, I’m still figuring life out, daily. Being a combination of realist and dreamer, you can only imagine the confusion that goes on internally–half of me writes a story with ‘the happily ever after’, the other half, edits the work and keeps it real.

To be honest, I’d never written more than a grocery list until 2009. It came out of nowhere as I sat at my computer one night following an idea. The ‘Sit N Do Nothing Hamster Series’ is my attempt to bring us all a little closer in this technological world. Using humor, comparison, and pull-quotes, the workbooks of self-discovery are a way to share tidbits of who we are, in the here and now. Each of the seven volumes, designed for a specific audience, asks the reader about their lives. We are all an accumulation of every moment from birth until now and it’s important to share that. I have many more ideas to expand the series, because this hamster never quits!

Finding my inner voice, I decided to try my hand at a fiction. ‘And When’ was written from September 2010–January 2011. Posting a partial on a website for writers, it rapidly rose up the ranks. Receiving many reviews, the story resonated with many, often bringing them to tears, laughter, and at times… needing a cold towel.

Taking months to edit the final draft, I began to miss that creative energy and ‘Now What’, the sequel, was started in 2011 and nearing completion. The story will continue to place difficult hurdles, forcing the characters to veer from their chosen paths.

My life would be nothing without the people who have touched my soul. Friends, family, co-workers, relatives…have all been there through the good and bad. Everything takes hard work, and nothing ever comes easy. Well at least not in my life. I firmly believe that karma plays an important role. It brings us the people we are meant to meet, challenges we have to learn to overcome and dreams we are meant to reach for.





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